You Have a Choice!

Many healthcare consumers are unaware about what level of decision making they have in deciding on who they want to receive physical therapy services from. When your physician prescribes physical therapy you have a choice to choose from the right physical therapist or company versus going down the hallway or to an inconvenient location recommended by your physician. Remember your physician may have a financial stake in it.

With the majority of Wisconsin citizens receiving healthcare from the dominant healthcare providers in the area (i.e. Aurora, Wheaton Franciscan, ProHealth Care, etc.) it tends to be an unknown fact that you have a choice of where you receive physical therapy. This means you are not obligated to go to physical therapy where your doctor refers you (usually financially backed) but rather you can be savvier and choose a private practice with lower costs, more experienced therapists and more convenient locations.  You can request a referral from a family member or friend who has received physical therapy in the past and get quick results.

That being said you want to make the RIGHT choice and choose the RIGHT physical therapist.

When it comes to choosing someone who will minimize your financial responsibilities, look for someone within your insurance network or a clinic that can offer a competitive cash pay program.  Instead of encountering any hidden surprises, be sure to have your insurance information verified before your initial evaluation to make sure that you can handle the finances that come with the treatment plan.

Most importantly, pick a physical therapist and a clinic that makes you feel comfortable. Look for a therapist that may specialize in your injury or condition and find a location that is convenient for you so you can be compliant, early and late hours, and quality service. If you choose the right physical therapist to fit your needs it will prove to be a pleasant experience resulting in your goals met and a new pain free lifestyle.

If you take only two things from this let it be that 1) You have the right to choose where you receive physical therapy and 2) Choose the right clinic and physical therapist for excellent results.