Trigger Point Therapy Testimonials

Hear From some of our Dry Needling Trigger point therapy Patients:

 Achilles Pain Physical Therapy New Berlin, Achilles Pain Physical Therapy Milwaukee, Achilles Pain Physical Therapy Greenfield

Alexandra F. (pictured with PT Aide, Stephanie), Dry Needling Patient

“At first when Brian told me about Dry Needling Therapy I was a little skeptical about it. After the first treatment I felt RELIEF! I even looked forward to my Dry Needling treatments because I knew I would feel better. Everyone here is wonderful. They are all friendly and make you feel comfortable.”

– Alexandra F., Neck/Shoulder Patient, Greenfield Clinic

Calf Muscle Pain Physical Therapy New Berlin, Calf Muscle Pain Physical Therapy Milwaukee, Calf Muscle Pain Physical Therapy Greenfield

Troy Lewan (pictured with PT/CEO David Tranchita),Dry needling Patient

“I did Dry Needling for 3 appointments and it worked great. At first my soleus muscle (calf muscle) was so sore to touch and basketball wasn’t even a thought. After my appointments now its great playing basketball 3 days a week and its been a great experience. I recommend PROCare to everyone. Thanks Again!”

-Troy L., Achilles Patient, New Berlin Clinic

“My experience at PROCare has been excellent and really has exceeded my expectations. Now my outlook on my shoulder problem does not seem nearly as bad as I originally anticipated. I work in the automotive customer service field where taking care of the customer is priority #1 and does not come close to how well I have been treated by the entire staff and especially Abigial, I would recommend anyone to come here!”

-Thomas G., Greenfield Clinic

“I had Dry Needle Therapy today and it took away the pain in my lower right side of my back. When Abigail put the needles in my lower right side all I could feel was a little needle prick. It seem to feel better after Dry Needle Treatment and it took away some stiffness. The manual therapy us such a comfort, it also helps with the stiffness in my lower back. Abigail has magic in those hands of hers.”

-Patricia I., Greenfield Clinic

“I like the slogan (We’ve Got Your Back…) because it was certainly true in my case! Dave is magic with the Trigger Point Therapy, I am completely sold, on this new procedure. Thanks again to the entire staff- it has been a pleasure being treated at PROCare.” – Jennifer W., New Berlin Clinic

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