The Link Between Knee OA and ACL Injuries

Half a million Americans tear their ACL every year. The most common treatment for this kind of injury is an ACL reconstruction- the replacement of the torn ligament with a graft. These procedures allow the individual to return to normal activities but they come at a price. Current research is showing that 80% of people with an ACL reconstruction have knee osteoarthritis by 14 years post-surgery.

How do we curb this phenomenon, you might ask? Right now, ACL reconstructions are still the best way to go if you want to get back to normal activity. That leaves injury prevention as the most important tool in our toolbox. And good news! Research is showing that 15 minutes of dynamic stretching and exercise focused on strengthening, balance, and agility can reduce the number of ACL tears by almost 50%!

Have you had an ACL tear and reconstruction already? Then this goes double for you. People who have already had an ACL tear are 10 TIMES more likely to get a second injury.

Want to start your ACL injury prevention program? Call PROCare Physical Therapy today to schedule your injury prevention screening today. Learn whether you are currently at risk for a tear and get an exercise program to help prevent knee injury. Call 414-858-1361 to learn more!

*research courtesy of the Arthritis Today-

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