The Unexpected Benefits of Stretching


Many non-athletes — and even a few athletes — are guilty of either rushing through their warm-up, forgetting to stretch, or skipping the cool-down after their workout. However, when used in addition to cardio and strength-training, stretching delivers significant health benefits such as extending your overall range of motion, elasticizing your muscles and enhancing your coordination

Our experienced physical therapists know the best stretches to do before and after a workout. Talk to one today to see what stretches you should be incorporating into your daily routine or check out our Lunch and Learn video to see what a proper warm-up and cool-down should look like. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about some of the overlooked benefits of stretching.

Increased Circulation

When you stretch, you’re not only lengthening and loosening your muscles, but you are also simultaneously opening up the interior blood vessels of your muscles too. This increased circulation plays a crucial part in your heart health and lowering your cholesterol. Because the improved blood flow results in a faster recovery time, and less overall soreness after a workout, improved blood flow is beneficial to your muscles.

In the long run, improving your circulation will also enhance your mood and boost your energy. The physiological impact of increased circulation means that your bloodstream is carrying more oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, allowing for higher energy.

Reduced Tension

The more you stretch, the less pain and discomfort you will feel. Relaxing your contracted muscles will instantly make you feel physically better, making stretching an excellent idea and activity to incorporate into your daily routine.

There’s an emotional component to “de-knotting” your muscles, as well. Several people feel as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders, which naturally helps boost their mood. When your muscles are relaxed, your endorphins are able to flow more easily through your muscles, banishing pessimism — and that dreaded midday fatigue.  

Improved Flexibility and Posture

As we all know, stretching enhances both your flexibility and posture, preventing painful, range of motion conditions.

Range of motion is vastly improved by regular stretching. Not only can you correct any joint stiffness you presently have through regular stretching, but you can also reduce your risk of future, motion-limiting injuries. 

Additionally, stretching encourages the lengthening and proper alignment of your spine. This proper alignment will improve your posture, and reduce any incidences of neck and back pain.


Stretching is an excellent and highly beneficial activity to do either right when you wake up or right before bed. You will wake up feeling relaxed and/or go to bed with a calming sensation. Call us today so that we can work together and put together a stretching routine that’s best for you!


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