Protect Your Feet!

During the summer we tend to be on our feet more, hanging out at festivals, long walks during vacation and enjoying the warm weather. It is important to keep those feet pain-free. Here are some tips on how to keep your feet feeling fantastic:

  • Comfort is the key, so wear comfortable shoes. If you purchase new shoes for your vacation, give yourself several weeks to break them in, because you do not want to break in new shoes during your vacation.
  • Wear either running shoes or walking shoes. These are designed to support your feet in as comfortable a manner as possible.
  • If you prefer, add some orthotic insoles for your shoes. This option is used by many people who prefer some old comfortable shoes but want to add a bit more of a cushion.
  • Wear socks with your shoes. The thickness of your socks is based on how snug your shoes fit. Some people have remarked that their feet swell. To offset this condition purchase shoes a half size up from your normal size. This gives you flexibility regarding the thickness of the socks you can wear.
  • Don’t forget to check your children’s feet for blisters or hot spots. Kids get so focused on what they’re doing that they don’t always notice that they’re feet are feeling tender until they’re really uncomfortable.
  • Leave flashy shoes and heels at home, or at least save them for appropriate evening activities.