PROCare Physical Therapy

PROCare Physical Therapy

 Dr. Pauers

Each year, more than 4.1 million people suffer from a workplace injury or illness. This led to 26.4 million working days lost last year alone. In today’s economy, most of us cannot afford to miss a substantial amount of work due to an injury. That is why PROCare Physical Therapy has created a program to cater specifically to people dealing with work related injuries. Our work injury program and industrial rehabilitation program offer the opportunity for custom rehabilitation, either at our clinic or in the work place, to assure that you are getting the treatment you need while missing as little work as possible. 

Common work place injuries include (but are not limited to):
1)      Lumbar Sprains
2)      Neck Strains
3)      Tendinitis: hand, wrist, & arm
4)      Repetitive Overuse
5)      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
6)      Herniated disk

Now, in addition to the aquatic therapy and manual therapy that PROCare Physical Therapy already provides, there is a specialized program just for work injury, work conditioning, and industrial rehabilitation. If you or someone you know is dealing with a work related injury, come check out our work injury and industrial rehab programs. We have patients who are already seeing great results from these programs!

“When I first came to ProCare I was extremely sore and in pain and I had basically no use of my right arm. Now after 5 visits here with the help of manual therapy, specialized exercises, the use of machine equipment, and utilization of electric stimulation I feel 100% better and am able to return to work full time!” – Scott O.