Prevent Injuries from your New Years Resolution

The most common New Years Resolution is, you guessed it, to work out more (or more commonly to start working out). Putting a higher emphasis on your physical health is always a good resolution to have and so I really do encourage that you join the ranks of people that flood the gym every January, but do so with a realistic vision. Most work out injuries occur from trying too much too fast. After not working out in years, people come in and try to run 2 miles or lift 100 pounds. Their deconditioned muscles cannot support these actions and give out causing injury. My favorite quote about this is actually from an online magazine called Mens Fitness, “Those 50 pounds can’t be erased in one mega-marathon treadmill session. And popping blood vessels by overweighting the bench press isn’t going to take you from Christian Bale in The Machinist to Christian Bale in Batman in one hard-core workout.”

Approach your new fitness routine with a plan. If it has been awhile since you have worked out, hire a personal trainer. Your personal trainer can not only help you develop a fitness program but will also be there to make sure that you are doing everything with good form so that you don’t injure yourself.

Looking for a good personal trainer? Let us direct you to one of the Princeton Club Personal Trainers! They are all fantastic people and very knowledgeable. Contact us at 414-858-1363 or the Princeton Club at 414-427-1100 or for more information.

Already hurt from a gym injury? Call PROCare Physical Therapy today to set up your free pain assessment at 414-858-1361. We will look at your injury for free and give you a recommended treatment plan so that you can get better faster.

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