Planning a Safe Summer Road Trip:

Are you planning a road trip for this summer? Whether you are taking the kids to visit distant relatives or just driving to a historic location, America’s roads offer plenty of opportunities to create treasured memories with the family.

Keep Them Safe
Before you depart, double-check your child’s safety or booster seat to ensure it is installed properly. And if you didn’t buy the seat recently, make sure it is still the correct model for your child’s height and weight.

 Prep the Car
According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 240 million vehicles travel U.S. roadways each summer. If you’re near a scheduled maintenance, go ahead and change the air filter, get an oil change or schedule a tune-up before your trip, to help prevent breakdowns along the way. Check your tire pressure to ensure they are properly inflated since your tire pressure actually rises 1-2 pounds per square inch for every 10-degree increase in the outside air temperature.


Take a Break

Plan to make frequent stops for bathroom breaks while traveling. Make the time to get out and stretch your legs and get circulation going. Break stops may slow down travel time, but they are important for the health of adults and children. Research shows that sitting in the same position for too long can cause blood clots, so getting out walking around every couple of hours is very important. A break every hour would be even better. The breaks are also a chance for children to get rid of pent up energy and keep them calmer while riding, making the trip easier for everybody. Driving too long without bathroom breaks can cause bladder problems and affect heath, so make sure to plan stops.