Patients & Coworkers Say, “Goodbye Martha!”

Undergraduate Education: Butler University, Anthropology and Dance Pedagogy

Future Education: Marquette University, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Something Most People Don’t Know About You: “My dream outside of the physical therapy realm is to be a foster parent one day.”

From a young age, Martha has always had a passion for dance. The dance floor feels like a second home to her and is a place that she can always turn to, which is why after graduating from Butler University she found herself back on the dance floor. During this time, Martha weighed her career options and reflected on her ambitions. Unsure of what to do next, Martha continued to do what she knew and loved: dance. Slowly, as she spent countless hours on the dance floor both as a dancer and a teacher, her passion started to grow in a new direction.

As a dancer, Martha focused on the technicality of her movements. This heightened level of precision Martha had on the dance floor gradually started to consume her thoughts. Instead of moving in the way dancers are taught, she began to analyze body mechanics and the healthiest ways to move. In only a matter of time, it became crystal clear that Martha could take her passion of dance and mold it into something more concrete: body mechanics. Eager to share her newfound knowledge, she began teaching advanced dance classes and explaining to her students the best ways to move to avoid injury. Before she knew it, her future career came together like a puzzle. Grabbing a piece of her dancing experience and connecting it to her interest in body mechanics, Martha realized that a career in physical therapy was the path she was destined to follow.

Because Martha did not graduate college with a science degree, it was of the utmost importance that she take a few science courses and get a job in the healthcare field, which is what lead her to her employment as a Physical Therapy Aide at PROCare Physical Therapy. Over the course of nearly two years, Martha was able to study body mechanics up close. Taking in everything around her, Martha realized how physical therapy connects to so many fields. Similar to her experience as a dancer, Martha uncovered a deeper meaning behind physical therapy: physical therapy’s focus on physical pain may impact one’s mental health and correlate to holistic medicine. Martha’s interest in body mechanics then started to alter and focus more strongly on the importance of mental health and the healing power of touch.

During her time at PROCare Physical Therapy, she has witnessed the importance of myofascial release therapy on patients. Because of this, Martha hopes to continue to learn about the Graston Technique and its impact on mental pain when she starts Marquette University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program this fall. After graduation, Martha plans on working right away in inpatient pediatrics.

Martha’s time at PROCare Physical Therapy has run out, but she is now equipped with a profound amount of background knowledge and an undeniable interest in physical therapy. Today we send Martha off to pursue her career in physical therapy. We wish you all the best and can’t wait to see all the good you will do!