Heidi Barufkin, Physical Therapy Assistant

For more than a decade, Heidi has worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). In 2001, she received her PTA degree from the University of Indianapolis. She later went on to earn a Respiratory Therapy degree and a certificate in Phlebotomy. Heidi is always looking to gain a deeper understanding of how to live a pain free life, which is why she has undergone extensive training in Kinesio Taping, Women’s Health, Aquatic Therapy and Sports Injury treatments.

A profound experience inspired Heidi to become a PTA. Years ago, her aunt was bedridden for months and unable to walk. During this time, Heidi worked with the PT who was treating her aunt, who later regained the strength to walk again. To this day, Heidi approaches Physical Therapy the same way she first witnessed it with her aunt. She believes each patient is unique, which is why she customizes her treatment plan to each patient’s particular situation. Additionally, she believes in the power of educating her patients on the importance of self-care and exercising on their own.

Prior to moving to Wisconsin in 2011, Heidi worked in the Chicago area where she grew up, got married and had two young boys. Heidi practices what she teaches and lives an active lifestyle. When she has the time, Heidi enjoys snowboarding, wake-boarding, rock climbing, dancing, cooking and kite boarding. She has even completed a half-marathon!


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