Join Us In Wishing Tommy The Best of Luck!

Undergraduate Education: UW-Whitewater, Health, Human Performance, and Recreation major with a minor in Biology

Future Education: University of Southern California, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Something Most People Don’t Know About You: “Originally I was planning on playing football at a junior college after high school, but I ended up having to take a year off of school because the school eliminated football from its budget. Years later, I graduated summa cum laude from UW-Whitewater with a football national championship.”


Typically, when the phone rings at PROCare Physical Therapy it’s because someone needs to schedule an appointment; however, Tommy will never forget the day that a past patient called asking if he wanted to go to Coopers Hawk, a winery that they had discussed several times throughout the patient’s plan of care, with him. It’s moments like these that Tommy will miss the most about PROCare Physical Therapy. Whether he was greeting or scheduling a patient, or helping them complete their exercises, Tommy always looked forward to interacting with the patients at PROCare Physical Therapy.


Tommy’s passion for physical therapy originally stemmed off of his athletic career. As a former college football player, one can assume that he has had his fair share of injuries. That assumption is correct. In fact, he has even been a physical therapy patient himself before! Despite the burden of being injured, Tommy always knew that after completing each episode of care, he would feel good as new. The ability to rely on physical therapy to get him back on the field further piqued his interest in physical therapy as a profession. Looking to explore his interest in physical therapy, Tommy applied for an internship at PROCare Physical Therapy. Soon after working at PROCare Physical Therapy, he realized that helping others was what he truly wanted to do.


Even though physical therapy focuses on a patient’s mobility, movement, strength and balance, Tommy also realized that patients often mentally benefit from physical therapy. The technical precision needed to help patients heal their bodies and relieve their pain along with the ability to relate to patients on an emotional level, are two of the reasons why Tommy’s interest in physical therapy continues to grow stronger. While at PROCare Physical Therapy, Tommy was fortunate enough to be introduced to a variety of different specializations. Blood Flow Restriction Training was one of those specializations. Delving in to several BFR Training articles, Tommy finds the evidence of its effectiveness intriguing and is hopeful to see how the research and evidence changes over time.


As the PROCare Physical Therapy staff and patients wish Tommy the best of luck in California, he leaves the patients with three key words: home exercise program. “You only come in for physical therapy two-to-three times a week; there are still four-to-five other days that you aren’t being treated. If you want to Get Better, Faster, then you need to do some work outside of your physical therapy hours. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish by doing some of the exercises on your own!”


Thank you for all the time and energy you have put in to PROCare Physical Therapy, Tommy! We will miss you and we are all looking forward to seeing the impact that you will have on the physical therapy world!