Headache testimonial

A special thanks to Allison for letting us share her experience with PROCare Physical Therapy with all of you on this blog πŸ™‚

On Allison’s last day, she wrote us a note. It read as follows:

“I came to PROCare because I saw a flier at the Princeton Club about PROCare and headache treatment. When my headache specialist suggested PT, I immediately thought of PROCare. Nate was wonderful and so knowledgeable! I really felt comfortable here and was always greeted by name and with a smile. My headaches still come and go occasionally but I feel like I now have the tools in my “toolbox” to deal with them myself. I know how to calm them down. Nate gave me so many ideas, suggestions, and resources. Unlike other PT places, PROCare was focused on manual therapy and holistic treatment which is amazing. As an occupational therapist myself, I felt that Nate really treated me the best way possible. He treats the symptoms as well as the cause and then gives you ways to stay healthy on your own. Thank you Nate and PROCare!”

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