Graston Technique

Congratulations to PROCare Physical Therapist, Julie Tranchita, who completed her certification in the Graston Technique.

Julie Tranchita, PT

In our efforts to provide the best possible care and the most innovative and effective rehabilitative care, we have added another certification to our repertoire. But what is the Graston Technique and what does that mean for you as the patient?

The Graston Technique is a type of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that lets our physical therapists effectively detect and eliminate scar tissue within the body to treat restrictions that effect normal function. The patented metal tools used in the Graston Technique have beveled edges that can detect restrictive scar tissue more effectively and with more accuracy than the manual massage alone. Once detected, the Graston tools can help to separate and break down collagen links in scar tissue and bring blood flow to the area to help promote healing. 

Current research is showing 75-90% effective in both chronic and acute cases and seems to be especially effective with post-surgical scarring. Frequency of treatment for patients varies but average is twice a week for 4-5 weeks, although the effects are usually seen by the 3rd visit.

Want to see the Graston Technique in action? Check out the videos below:

Graston Technique Demonstration

Graston Technique for Chronic Pain



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