Facts About Low Back Pain

  • “The most expensive benign condition in America”
  • 40- 80% of patients experience a recurrence of the pain following 1st episode or surgery
  • Annual incidence in the US is 5%
  • 85% of population has Low Back Pain during lifetime
  • 6% of persons with Low Back Pain use >50% of the total health care resources
  • Benign Low Back Pain (no specific cause) affects 15% of the adult population
  • 5%-15% develop chronic pain of > 3 months
  • Second  most common reason for primary doctor’s visit, only behind common cold
  • Hospitalization for low back pain is second only to childbirth
  • Most common cause of disability
  • 2 million Americans Disabled 
  • Annual Cost: $50 Billion

How Physical Therapy helps:


  • 50% in two weeks
  • 70% in 1 month
  • 90% by three to four months
  • Beyond three to fours months- full recovery is unlikely for the remaining 10%- We want to see patients early to prevent the 10%