Don’t Let Back Pain Handicap Your Golf Game, Schedule Your Golf Injury Assessment with our Experienced Physical Therapists!

Golfer’s Preseason Checklist to Ensure a Healthy Back

1. Visit a physical therapist who is experienced working with golfers. Ask for a golf-specific physical assessment and conditioning program that includes strengthening and stretching.

2. Take a lesson from a PGA professional about fundamentals and how the body should move during the golf swing. Preferably, choose a PGA instructor who uses video to analyze your swing.

3. Practice golf-specific drills to learn correct movements during your swing. This will help to decrease the chances for back injury.

4. Ensure your clubs fit you properly. For example, are your clubs too short or long? Are the shafts too flexible or stiff?

5. Get to the course early to make sure you do a golf-specific warm-up routine before hitting balls or playing golf. A thorough warm-up includes easy swings, stretching and mentally thinking about your swing mechanic to prevent a strain of one’s back muscles. Work on each component of the swing and especially tempo, so you don’t over swing. This may include using the driving range and putting green.

6. Consider some type of anti-inflammatory before, during and/or after playing 18 or more holes of golf. Ice is a natural anti-inflammatory and should be used to relieve lower back pain after repetitive activities like golf (15 min). Heat is indicated if more stiff waking up in the morning.