Don’t Let A Baseball Related Injury Ruin Your Game!


  1. Get ready before you get in the game: Identifying potential medical problems that could be exacerbated by baseball will help players know what to avoid on the field. Warm-up exercises and stretching also help prepare for a game.
    1. Use your head: When players are at the plate, waiting to bat, or running the bases they should wear a batting helmet. Catchers should especially wear protective gear including a mitt, helmet, facemask, throat guard, long-model chest protector, protective support, and shin guards. Proper footwear for all players is a molded baseball shoe that has appropriate cleats.


  1. Learn the right way to play: There are certain techniques that baseball players should be aware of to avoid injuries. Base sliding is a common cause of injury, and while breakaway bases can reduce injuries it is still important to know how to properly slide into base.


  1. Put in a team effort: Appropriate care for athletes requires teamwork and consistent communication between doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, coaches, and players. Players may not always be aware of the circumstances under which they became injured, or may try to play through the pain of an injury. It is important to monitor players for any hint of injury to make sure they are seen by a sports medicine professional, such as a physical therapist, as soon as possible after an injury.


  1. Never rush onto the field: If an athlete does sustain an injury, they should be given time to heal completely before returning to play. Players should not experience any symptoms when they come back to the game.