Aquatic Therapy Testimonials

Here are just a few of our aquatic therapy patient testimonials…

Aquatic Therapy at The Princeton Club New Berlin

“PROCare has dramatically helped my back and leg numbness. I loved the water   exercises and learned so many things to better my health. Everyone at PROCare is dedicated to each and every patient! I have learned to walk correctly and do specific exercises for strengthening my back and core. Thank you is so minor compared to the HUGE benefits I received!”

-Linda C. (Aquatic Therapy Patient with Back Pain)


“What a tremendous difference it made for me once I had therapy in the pool!! I had a problem with scar tissue and bending of my left knee after the replacement in December. Once my scar formed the pool was the place for me. Julie and Ben helped me to do exercises and made sure they were done correctly. Each week brought on a big improvement. I loved the pool!”

-Lynne W. (Knee replacement/Osteoarthritis)


“The physical therapy I have received at PROCare has helped me regain strength in my legs and back and improved my balance. The introduction of water therapy made exercising more interesting and will be useful in the pool in the future. The frequency and intensity of pain is now minimal and usually can be controlled with exercise and ice.”

-Shirley W. (Back pain/Sciatica)

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