Aquatic Therapy at PROCare Physical Therapy’s New Berlin Location

Aquatic Therapy

Hydro Therapy The Princeton Club New Berlin

For patients who have difficulty tolerating traditional physical therapy, Aquatic Therapy provides important healing benefits.  In the water a patient benefits from buoyancy because up to 90% of body weight is displaced.  Aquatic Therapy will help to reduce pain and muscle spasms, increase range of motion, relaxation, circulation and decrease swelling.

Aquatic Therapy especially benefits patients with back pain, chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, foot and ankle patients who are experiencing diabetic neuropathy,knee problems and those post operative patients who are having weight-bearing issues.  Pregnant women, Senior Citizens and overweight patients all benefit greatly from physical therapy in the water.

New Berlin Water Therapy


PROCare Physical Therapy offers Aquatic Therapy at our New Berlin clinic in Waukesha County, in three different pools.  The warm-water Whirlpool offers three main healing ingredients: heat, buoyancy and massage.  The cold-water, Resistance Current Pool offers an adjustable current which allows individuals of all abilities to swim or walk in place against the current with optimal therapeutic benefits.  A cold-water Lap Pool is also available for aquatic therapy exercises when needed.  Our Physical Therapists will decide which of these pools would benefit each patient’s Physical Therapy Treatment Plan after an evaluation.

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