About Our Practice


PROCare Physical Therapy is an independent, family-owned Physical Therapy clinic located in the Greater Milwaukee area. Our first office opened in 2004 and we have been growing and expanding ever since due to the quality of care, customer service and results obtained. Our experienced Physical Therapists specialize in treating disorders and injuries of the muscles, joints and nervous system through the use of manual therapy, supplemented by stretching, strengthening, functional movement patterns and patient education.

Some specialized manual therapies that our Physical Therapists are certified in to help our patients Get Better. Faster. include but are not limited to Dry Needling, Graston Techique, ART, Myofascial Release, Strain Counter-strain, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques and Rolfing. Our experienced Physical Therapists mainly use their hands as the tools to improve heat, mobility and range of motion (ROM) but they may also use modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction, heat, and ice to further promote healing.

We serve people living in the Greater Milwaukee area, but have also had the pleasure of having patients travel from as far as Madison, Appleton, Racine, Kenosha, and even Chicago to see our specialists. Wherever you come from, we are happy to help you improve your knowledge, well-being, and condition.


Choose the PROCare Experience.

At PROCare Physical Therapy, we are passionate about patient care. As an independently owned company, we pride ourselves on putting our patients first. We focus on functional limitations and the specific goals of each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan to get the patient back to living life the way that they want to. Our goal is to get you better, faster (as our motto suggests!) which saves valuable time and money in the rehabilitation process. At PROCare Physical Therapy, we provide the absolute best quality of care while using an evidence-based treatment model and maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for your care. Our individualized care and attention sets us apart from our competitors.

Remember, you do have a choice in where you receive your Physical Therapy. You don’t have to go where you doctor tells you to go, as they may have financial gain and it may not be the best choice for you. In our private practice, we get to spend more time with our patients so that you can Get Better. Faster.


Experience the PROCare Difference.

Visit us today and learn how you can Get Better. Faster. with the help of our experienced Physical Therapists at PROCare Physical Therapy. This is a team approach and with your willingness and motivation to get better, we can work together to get you back to living a pain free life.