3 Ways to Commit to Your Physical Therapy Homework

Keeping up with your daily routine can be hard enough when you’re living with chronic pain or recovering from an injury or surgery. Adding physical therapy to your routine helps you manage your pain better and recover faster.

One major factor of physical therapy, is the at-home, “homework”, that physical therapist assign to you as a part of your treatment. However, research shows that more than 35% of physical therapy patients don’t commit to their physical therapy “homework” or at-home routine. In order for treatment to work, patients need to commit to doing the work, after they leave the clinic.

Here’s 3 Ways to Commit to Your Physical Therapy “Homework”

  1. Purpose – Think about activities you were able to do without pain? Gardening, biking, or something as simple as walking. At PROCare we help you find purpose for committing to your physical therapy, and create a custom treatment plan to help you get better, faster.
  2. Be Honest – You can tell your physical therapist that you didn’t do your “homework”, in fact, they might know before you even tell them. If you’re having a hard time doing certain exercises or don’t understand how to do them correctly, just be honest and ask for help.
  3. Plan – The number one reason patients don’t do their homework is, “I didn’t have any time.” Whether it’s when you first wake up, before or after lunch, while watching TV or before you go to bed, taking 10 minutes to complete your exercises is worth it. At PROCare we’ll even help assign you exercises that you can accomplish throughout your busy day, and help you commit to your treatment.



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